Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I really wanted to share a few things that started off my vintage collection . Unfortunately these aren’t for sale,  but of course if you love them as much as I do I can source some similar items or please keep checking back as I will be adding some beautiful things to the blog that are for sale.

These cutesy storage jars are currently housing cotton but once our kitchen is finished I’m going to fill them with biscuits and sweets and have them on a shelf for all to see.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these dessert bowls. They were actually my Nan’s and I can remember eating bananas and custard on a Sunday afternoon from them! What wonderful memories =) and now my little ones will be eating the same, just like we used to. How truly lovely.

WOW!!! I HAVE THE FULL ‘Shelley Daffodil time tea set’ . I have only used a few of the pieces for the picture. Cannot wait for this to have prime place on my dresser. A beautiful girly tea set. This was also my wonderful nan's and I hope to pass this onto my daughter. A beautiful set, and I'm so very lucky to have acquired it.

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