Monday, 28 May 2012

Homemade home update.

Want a sneak peek of the nearly finished bedrooms??.

Well here is a little look.

 I don't want to reveal too much as I hope to take some PROPER photographs on a PROPER camera. (Gasp! No instagram!) so here are just a few snippets.

 If you would like to see some before and after pictures you can here, here, here and here!!.

And now look at the master bedroom, Poppy's bedroom and the twins bedroom. Already HUGE transformations and we have stuck to a budget!.

This house is like mine and my husbands other baby. We talk about it for the most part of every day. We dream of it and love it more than anything!. And so far it is turning out to be everything I imagined and more.

Lauren x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jubilee Jamboree 2nd June.

Calling all vintage addicts. Handmade lovers. Green fingered gardeners and afternoon tea drinkers.

 Chalkley vintage presents ; 

The Jubilee Jamboree.

Taking place on Saturday 2nd of June.
 10am until 5pm. 
A day of good old fashioned fun. 

There will be a vintage and handmade fair. 
A vintage tea room. A reclamation room. Face painting and games for the children. BBQ, homemade lemonade and there is an opportunity to plant a jubilee tree!.

All this is taking place in the grounds of a fabulous garden centre, which is in full bloom. So get your self down to;

Benfleet garden and reclamation centre
312 London road
Benfleet Essex
ss7 5xr


I will be there selling lots of fab retro goodies. If you would like a stall please contact me on 

The stalls are FREE of charge!. So obviously places are filling up fast but there are still a few left so get in touch asap.

 Hope to see you all there 

Lauren x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Time out from the world.

It feels like I have been away from the blog/twitter/email for ever now!. I have not had a phone for one whole week. There has been no Instagram. No tweets. No checking emails.

 And it has been heavenly. Honest to god I have never felt so relaxed. Having a little break from the social networking feels good. I have had more time to do the little things that I have been putting off for ages. Just little things, like going through the children's toys ready for the big move.

 And do you know what?. I have been sleeping better!. No last minute 12am email checks. I have been putting my sleepy had on that pillow and actually sleeping properly. No crazy dreams. No restlessness. Just peace. 

 So for now I am still with out my phone and I am going to make the most of the next week or so. I would recommend to anyone. Ditch the phone!. We are all so caught up in a whir of broadband and networking that we don't take time out. Time to rest our mind and body. 

 I am off to read my new book, drink a lemon and ginger tea and enjoy my peace whilst it lasts.

I am taking a little time out from the world. See you on the other side.

 Lauren x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

More thrifty finds.

What a wonderful weekend!. I hope everyone enjoyed the Sunshine and made the most of being able to spend some time outdoors. We are meant to have rain tomorrow!.

Yesterday we went to Robin Hood country show at the Brentwood centre. Was such a fun day!. The children were super excited to go and see all the different animals. 

 Poppy held a 2 day old baby duck and got her face painted and the twins were kept amused by the woof woofs, that's dogs to you and I. There was so much to do and I would definitely recommend as a fab family day out. Unfortunately I have NO photos :( my beloved lifeline, the mobile phone, has broken and is in the menders. How will I cope?!. Three weeks with no phone.

Anyway, despite the phone dilemma I did manage to get some pictures of some of the thrifty finds I bought this weekend. I was pretty successful!. 

1960's sewing box. FOR SALE.

1950's sewing box. FOR SALE.

1950's kitchen wall unit.

1970's Fisher Price toy garage.

Pyrex mixing bowl with lip and scales. FOR SALE.

Pyrex jelly mould and 2 small jelly moulds. FOR SALE

Vintage colander, rolling pin and what I think is a hanging egg basket. Although the man I bought from said it is a 1930's salad drainer. FOR SALE.

!950's glass Christmas baubles. FOR SALE.

1960's Ravenhead boxed dessert bowls. FOR SALE.

If you are interested in any of these items please send me an email at

Lauren x

Friday, 11 May 2012

Thrifty finds.

We woke this morning to some sunshine. HURRAH!. And sunshine can only mean one thing. Thrifting!.

 I dropped Poppy at school and drove up to the second hand market. And look what I found.

Dressing table set

Early 1900's stew bowl

Retro plate for Poppy's room

Staffordshire pottery mugs

Pyrex plates

Retro Sindy caravan for Poppy

Replica 1960's Sindy doll for Poppy

How cute are the Sindy bits?. With Poppy's birthday coming up I am going to put these away as presents. Not a bad morning!.

Lauren x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The more that you read the more you will know.

I am obsessed with old books. I love the smell, the delicate pages and faded prints. 

After a treasure hunt through my nan and grandads garage the other day I came across 4 HUGE boxes of books. My nans books. Once upon a time my nan was an avid reader. Literature, poetry, plays. You name it she has read it and studied it. 

 My nan is the main reason for my love of reading. When I was 11 she gave me my first proper read. A midsummer nights dream. My love affair with Shakespeare began.

 And can you believe my joy when I found all her old books. Packed away neatly, some with notes attached. Here are a few of my favourites. 

All classics. I love them so much. And this is only a handful. I still have more to go through. I am going to have our very own little library at the house. A quite corner packed with books. With a little light and a comfy chair. 

A little something like this;

Lauren x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Water, water everywhere. But not a drop to drink.

So for the past 3/4 weeks Essex has been experiencing a serious bout of rain.

 Mr weather man, I know we have the hosepipe ban, but really?!. This much rain?!.

For about half an hour yesterday evening we had this;

And then back to rain this morning. Theres only so much muddy puddle jumping you can do!.

In other news we have started painting the floors!. Here's a few pictures of our bedroom and Poppy's bedroom. Primed and the first coat of paint. I love them all ready.

Cannot wait to see the floors finished now.

 Lauren x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Showing off with shelves.

Work has FINALLY begun on the kitchen!. 

I can see that tiny pin prick light at the end of the tunnel. And I think my husband, FIL and dad are happy too!. It has been a huge project to take on. Especially with me bossing them about ;) !!!!

 I get very excited about the kitchen. I  feel that as a family of five it is an important room.

 Here is the kitchen now. 
 I am a little obsessed with open shelving in kitchens. I want to show off all the fabulous retro wares I've been collecting over the past two years. The kitchen isn't huge and we won't have that many cupboards but as we will be having a larder I am not at all worried about cupboard space. Even the thought of a little dust collecting on open shelves doesn't worry me. 

Here's a little inspiration.

I love that blind in the last picture. I have some similar fabric. I think I am going to try and re create one for our kitchen!.

Off to prepare for a fair I am doing this evening. Have a lovely Thursday.

Lauren x