Thursday, 27 October 2011

Witch 'crafty' Thursday!

This isn't a craft blog but I'm very much for family time and doing stimulating, fun things with my children. So I thought I would share what my daughter and I got up to today.

My little girl is so excited for Halloween. She woke up this morning and decided that she wanted to make some spooky decorations.
Now,I am not one of those mummies that can whip up a handmade costume or paper mache but I thought I could possibly..maybe..stick together some paper and card. With this in mind we decided to make some Halloween bunting.

I cut the triangles and Pops did all the gluing and glitter, she is far more crafty than me!. We made loads of mess and Pops loved it. It's amazing what an hour one on one time, doing something creative, can do for a three year olds mood.

We made a triangle stencil and orange paper. We traced the triangle stencil and cut 6 from the orange paper.

We then made spooky shapes on the triangles with glue.

And covered them in glitter to make them all sparkly!.

We made little holes with a pen and threaded string to make the triangles into bunting.

The finished bunting.

Poppy is so proud of her bunting and we had a wonderful afternoon. And, it was super easy for a novice (useless) crafter like myself.

Lauren x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Today I have been designing the master bedroom. I have been imagining it in my head for over 12 months. I know exactly what I want and I will search to the ends of the earth to find each and every thing.

I am hoping to achieve an ecelectic mix of vintage, floral prints and art deco furntiure.

Firstly...I NEED A BRASS BED!. And no, I do not mean a mass produced flimsy, squeaky modern one. It HAS to be vintage, antique..OLD.

I am in love, love, love with 1930's art deco furniture and really want it for our bedroom. It really does have a beautiful, dramatic feel to it.

I found these art deco bedside tables at a garage sale. We paid £30 for the pair. And they are pretty amazing. I'm going to stack books and a lamp each on them.

Here are a few other peices of furniture I would like for our bedroom.

I may or may not paint our the furniture in our bedroom. I will need to see how the dark wood looks against the room, either way it is going to look stunning.

I would love a chintzy floral wallpaper. Bright, bold and very kitsch.

This is just the start...I am now thinking of flooring, window attire, lighting and many more little touches. Of course I will keep you posted of my progress =) Apologies for a rushed post, I have three tired babies but was desperate to share and store all my ideas.

Lauren x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Mixmatched dining chairs

For anyone that follows me on twitter you will know I have been going hammer and tong at my dining chairs. Sanding, filling and painting.
These piccies are only of two chairs, sanded back and undercoated. I am still undecided on colours and I have a few to pick from. I want the best matched mixmatched set (If that makes any sense?!).

I NEVER EVER wanted matching chairs, a dining table and chairs that match completely just does not cut it for me. It seems very mundane, almost clinical, when everything looks identical. It has no soul. I want each piece of furniture to have a history, warmth, you could almost say a heart. (Can you tell I am extremely passionate about interior design??).

As with everything I have been buying for our new home (6 weeks and counting until the refurb starts) each chair has come from a bootsale, charity shop, One even came from the buliding site my husband works on!. They were using an amazing retro chair as a step to stand on!!!. SHOCKING...

I really wanted to share with you some of the pictures I have been using as an inspiration. Not just for my chairs, as in some of the pictures the chairs are the same, but for the whole dining area. I love the ecelectic vintage look mixed with bright colours. I am not really an all white shabby chic kinda girl.

I can't wait to finish my chairs and of course, when I do you will be the first too see them =)

Lauren x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gossip seat!

So, today I found this little treasure in one of my favourite charity shops. The picture is taken in the shop, I'm afraid to say those fabulous 90's platform trainers and vintage tea dress are not mine ;)

The idea of the telephone seat was to have the telephone on the top of the unit and store your telephone book, address book's in the cupboard and then you have yourself a lovely little seat to sit and gossip on for as long as you please.

The main reason I am so madly in love with the retro phone and now this telephone seat.....

.....I cannot stand the modern cordless telephone!.

(I have nothing against this image, I have used it as an example of a very modern cordless phone).

We had one for a while but I was constantly looking for it, as it was never put back on the reciever. Or it wouldn't be charged up and would run out of battery halfway through a conversation and I cannot tell you how many times I went out with it in my handbag!.

After we bought a fabulous retro phone I decided I would need a lovely little area to sit and chat, drink martini's and find out the local gossip. Lo and behold when I found this AMAZING retro telephone seat. I love its 60's feel and the wood matches my ercol sideboard. We have a lovely little space at the bottom of the stairs that will be pefect for my latest find. I'm going to create a little retro haven where I can escape from the house for a while and catch up with my friends.

I may change the fabric on the seat but for now I am going to leave it just how it is.
I love the 1960's look of the leather seat.

Off treasure hunting now vintage loves, will blog sooon with some more finds =)

Lauren x