Thursday, 29 March 2012

The madness of March 29th 2012.

Its official Great Britain has gone mad. Today I had to queue for petrol. It was like a showdown on the forecourt. Men shouting at women, women shouting at men. Filling up their cars to the max. Madness I tell you, MADNESS!.

 And people wonder why I am so obsessed with vintage eras. And would happily live my life then instead of now.

I tweeted earlier that we will have rationing soon. But to be honest that doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Did you see the families of worn torn Britain acting like crazy people when they were told they could only have certain things and a limit on everything?. Did you see them act in haste and with greed when they were told they could only buy measly amounts of food to feed their families. All whilst living through a war!.


 They pulled together. Made the best of everything. Helped one another. And got on with the job in hand.

 Its almost like we think we are owed something. Perhaps we are. Perhaps the government hasn't done whats best for this country over the last few years. But Charity begins at home!. We are the ones that can make a difference. Instead of waiting to be handed it on a plate.

 I think GB 2012 should take a note from the GB of WW2.

 Things could be a whole lot different.

Lauren x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Today I found.

Just a quick post as I want to share the amazing finds I found today.

 Look at these fabulous curtains. They are HUGE!!. Very long, fully lined and in immaculate condition. No fading, no worn areas. Quite simply perfect. Perfect for our bedroom. And best of all they were £20.00 from the Sue Ryder Charity shop.

Then as I walked home this wallpaper caught my eye. I have been on the hunt for some original retro wallpaper for Poppy's room. Everything I came across seemed so expensive and I loathe to pay over the odds. Then I saw this super cute 1960's red and white daisy print vinyl wallpaper. 4 rolls. For £5.00!!.
What a bargain.

So pleased with these buys.

 Lauren x

Wallpaper lust!.

It no secret that I have a little obsession with wallpaper. I would literally wallpaper every surface in the house if my husband would let me. The brighter, bolder prints the better. Here are a few of my favourites right now.

Graham and Brown Trippy wallpaper

Aurora from wallpaper from the 70's

Marionette from wallpaper from the 70's

Smile wallpaper from various. I found on eBay.

Telenzo from wallpaper from the 70's

Fifi by Sanderson.

Dotty from wallpaper from the 70's

Vintage wallpaper picture by Mark Wiewel

Neptunus from wallpaper from the 70's

 Can I have them all?!.

Lauren x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring has sprung.

It seems Spring has finally sprung. Today we spent the whole day outside. A few hours in the park and then a walk along the clifftops near my mums house. It was blissful. An absolute day made from heaven. Just me, the children. Lots of fruit juice, heart shaped ham sandwiches and an ice cream from Rossi's (the best ice cream ever!!).

And best of all we walked the charity shop route home. It has been a happy happy happy day.

I love the springtime.

 Lauren x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Homemade home update.

Hey everyone!. Hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend. I was very lucky to get tickets to take the children to see the gruffalo stage show on Sunday. It was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed it and have been singing g g g gruffalo since.

 My husband missed out on all the fun and was at the house.  But look how well he, and his dad, have done.

The hallway and stairs are really starting to some together.

The first coat of blue was applied.

And already I am so pleased with how it looks. I can totally imagine how it will look once the floor has been painted and the fabulous light has been hung.

The lights were fitted in the bathroom this weekend. They have really brightened it up. Its amazing what a few spot lights can do for the ambiance of a room.

Now just to find some flooring!. Having a nightmare as I want blue and white checkered floor. Can it be found?. Erm... a... big... fat... NO!. It looks like we may have to go for the black and white. Still very lovely though.

So as you can see, slowly but surely our house is starting to become a home.

Lauren x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy mothers day.

 I am so lucky to be a mummy. And to have the most wonderful mum. She is an amazing woman. I really don't know how I would cope without her. 

My gorgeous mum and me.

 These kids make my like complete.

 For those who have lost their mums. Sending you lots of prayers and healing thoughts.  xxx

Happy mothers guys

Lauren x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Homemade home; The kitchen.

 So here we are almost 4 months into the refurb and we are finally starting work on the kitchen, It really does feel like this whole process is taking forever. But with only my husband, his dad and my dad doing the work (apart from a plasterer and electrician) I really should be grateful its going this quickly!

 So here we are my friends. the kitchen. The hub of the family home. Where meals are cooked and dishes are washed. Oh who am I kidding?!. I just want it to look amazing!!!!.

Before we can even start the whole room needs re plastering and rewiring.

 But whilst that is being done am I already deciding on all the finishing touches. I have been kind of trying to work around the kitchen units.

 Although something I probably wouldn't have picked myself, we got these ridiculously cheap  from a rather posh family in Kensington who, after 6 months, decided they no longer wanted. We saved the whole kitchen, granite worktops and all very posh appliances from the skip!.

 Now I know your probably going to be screaming at the computer screen when I tell you this. But I'm not having the granite worktops. They just don't suit our house. Instead I'm going for the super cheap but ever so lovely Ikea ones. I am torn between two.

Pragel Ikea worktop

Lagan Ikea worktop

I have already picked and ordered a plain bright white vinyl floor. Similar to this.


I (whenever I say I, I of course mean we. My husband and I.)

We are having the same tiles that we have used for the bathroom here and I am going for a bright blue on the walls. With lots of retro accessories. Lots of orange. Hornsea and Pyrex. Something a little like this. 


I'm so excited.

 Lauren x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A few of the weekend finds

 I managed to do a spot of thrifting over the weekend. I found a few bits. My fav has got to be the pyrex scales.

Extra large T G Green mixing bowl and large Mason Cash mixing bowl

Pyrex scales with original glass measure bowl

Retro Ice bucket

T G Green barrels

Big Ben Westclox working clock

A few records. Love the nursery rhyme one!

Staffordishire Cornish ware vinegar jar

Set of four green Tams soup bowls

Pre war egg chicken

4 Grindley side plates and 4 dinner plates

Vintage books

Kiln craft set

Blue pyrex mixing bowl

Set of three patterned pyrex mixing bowls

Twas a good weekend.

Lauren x