Wednesday, 29 February 2012

miss rose petal deer

As soon as I saw these pretty prints I knew I just had to share!.

 let me introduce you to the rose petal deer. a very lovely lady i met via twitter. a fairyesque pink haired talent. illustrator and textile designer and pretty blog writer.

 i am so in love with her prints. and i know you will be too.

here a few of my fav illustrations from her blog and esty shop.


lana del ray


little fairy

sleeping beauty


they are enchanting. kooky. and breathtakingly detailed. each picture has the most whimsical feel to it. like looking at a fairy tale.

i need at least 4 of these for my house! i am for sure going to have some for poppy's room. they are so girly and i have never come across anything like them before.

you must go take a peek at rose petal deer's blog and etsy shop. click on the links below;

all pictures are subject to copyright and are owned by rose petal deer please do not use without permission.

lauren x


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cup of coffee and a catch up.

Well its been a while!. I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the start of spring. I have taken a week or so off from blogging. been trying to catch up on all my emails, accounts and all the other boring jobs I try to put off for as long as possible.

 But I am back! And I have lots of fab posts to share. Home inspiration, vintage parenting and other vintage/mothering chit chat. So grab a coffee and lets catch up with whats been going on with myself and my vintage family the last week or so.

  Life according to my htc.

The bathroom is almost finished!! My dad finished the tiling last week so Luke has been putting all the extras in. We are  struggling massively to find a dark blue/navy and white chequered vinyl floor. Does anyone know of a company that sells it?.

I been going a bit crazy with a handheld sander and a paint brush. There is method in some of my crazy pieces of furniture I have found, wait and see the finished results. I'm sure they will look brilliant! ;)

I have been trying to clear some of my older stock to make way for different pieces, I have been so busy I haven't really had time to sort through it all. But I did have a good clean and move around. Very excited to get lots of new (well old) stock. ready for the Spring and Summer!.

I did another window display for le salon chic it was a spring/mothers day/Easter tea party inspired display.

We took the children to the lazy bones bootsale on Sunday. This 1950's toy cat and Pyrex jug are my favourite finds of the day. We did manage to find lots of lovely things though and the sun shined all morning.

Sneak peek

A little sneak peek of the lovely vintage home post I have for you all. I went along to a stunning home last week and took lots of pictures. keep your eyes peeled for this post. Its going to be packed with inspiration and ideas from a real vintage home.

Its good to be back.

 Lauren x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vintage Mother Post; Childrens birthday partys.

I was catching up with the weekend papers this morning ( Yes, I know its Wednesday) and read an article in the Sunday Express magazine. It was written by Rachel Carlyle and was all about traditional children's birthday parties and how many children, and parents, are shunning the all expenses, trumpet blowing, gold plated party for the more traditional party.
  I am totally in love with the idea of jelly and ice cream, pin the tail on the donkey and homemade cake. And my children love it too!. The proof is in the pudding.

see here my daughters 3rd birthday was a wonderland tea party in our village church hall.

 We had an old fashioned Punch and Judy show, homemade decorations. Traditional games and even a punch bowl of pimms for the parents.The dress code was wonderland best and the children looked adorable!. Poppy still talks about her party almost a year on which just goes to prove you really don't need to spend hundreds of pounds. Children love to run around, eat cake and play with their friends. It really doesn't need to be about impressing the mums at the school. Its about childhood spirit and celebrations.

It got me thinking about more ideas that could be run around the traditional theme. Here are a few I came up with.
 If you have any you would like to share send me a link.

 Sports day party;

 Egg and spoon and three legged races. Make or buy cheap rosettes. Cut up oranges perfect for little athletes. And of course you will need a parents race!. The children will love the freedom of running around and all you really need is a sunny day.

Street Party; This is what I am doing for Poppy's 4th birthday.

 Hang red, white and blue bunting around the garden. Lay a table with paper hats and horns. Make homemade trifle and afternoon tea. As our party will coincide with the Queens jubilee I am going to replace paper hats with handmade crowns. Rally the children round for apple bobbing and guess how many sweets are in the jar.

Teddy bears picnic;

 Another idea I have done before. We ate sandwiches on blankets, The children all brought their teddy bears and played traditional games like pass the parcel and musical statues. There was no expensive dj. I put together a play list of 'beary' songs. We all danced and played all afternoon. It was so simple but such a wonderful day.

I love nothing more than to capture the childhood innocence that so many children of today loose at such a young age. Make like our families of times gone by and cherish it. I hope I can carry on these traditional parties for as long as possible. Let your imagination run wild. Make your own decorations and take advantage of the great out doors. There are untold possibilities and ideas for such a party. Will you try the old way for your little one this year?.

 Lauren x

Friday, 10 February 2012

1980. Childrens televsion. TV gold.

Snow. Snow. Snow.

 I am so sick of it. The children and I have severe cabin fever. We have been stuck in for almost a week. The games, dens, DVDs and crafting have been sucked dry. We need fresh air!.

 Today we decided to have a 'vintage' day. Which consisted of me telling the children about all the programmes I watched as a child then making them sit and watch them on you tube.

They loved it.


 So today went a little something like this;

Ahhh the good old days!. When kids TV was only on from 3pm until 6pm. Good old fashioned banter and terrible effects. Fabulous. I would choose the old stuff over the new stuff any day.

 What was your favourite TV show when you were a child?.

 Lauren x

Monday, 6 February 2012

God save the queen.

What a woman our queen is.

 Reining for 60 years, only Queen Victoria has reined longer!. And at the grand age of 85. I hope I look like her at 85.

She is dignified, ladylike, and has an air of authority whilst maintaing a relationship with her country. I am pretty much in awe of this great lady. We should be proud to be British when we have a queen such as Elizabeth II. And I for one shall be celebrating our queen and her diamond jubilee.

 I have already started planning a party for the weekend in June. But I must not reveal too much as I won't have anything to talk about nearer the time. Lets just say it shall be typically British and shall coincide with my daughters 4th birthday. Think bunting!. Think crowns! Think British!.

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen:
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen.

Lauren x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Out of the dark.


 Today I came across the most AMAZING website. Actually not even amazing, quite literally a vintage loves dream. Selling the most beautiful revamped, restored and re loved furniture. Bold, bright colours. Tastefully done. I WANT TO BUY IT ALL!.

 Out of the dark.
 Not only is this company selling beautiful furniture, It is a charity!. Let me tell you more. Here is a little blurb I have taken from the website.

Out of the Dark is a social enterprise project run by the Street Dreams charity, that provides sustainable furniture and gives young people in Buckinghamshire practical skills.
The Out of the Dark project takes donated second-hand furniture and crafts, and revamps them with the help of young people before selling them at Bouf.
Co-founder of Street Dreams, Jade Blades, said: "This project is an ideal opportunity for disadvantaged young people to get motivation for further training and employment."
Street Dreams work with disengaged and disadvantaged young people to help them live positive lives and contribute to their family and community. They believe that giving them opportunities to gain practical skills as well as experience in business and project management is a great way to help them achieve this.
Please be assured that 100% of any profit revenues raised from such sales, go directly towards the provision of offering training, support and experience to enable unemployed young people to gain the qualifications, skills and confidence needed to play an active part in our community.

For more information please visit our website:

 What a wonderful, inspiring charity. Providing encouragement, practical skills and then all revenue goes back into helping the young people involved. Quite simply outstanding.

 Here are some of my favourite pieces. I think I might need to buy them all!.

Amazing right?.

Lauren x