Monday, 30 May 2011

A little inspiration.

After a friend asked me the other night, ' How would you describe Poppy-Lauren vintage?', I asked how he would describe it.

He said 'French, boudoir, shabby chic'
This is not how I imagine the boutique to be.

So..this got me thinking.

I want my house and the things in it to have a bygone feel, which is the inspiration for all the peices I collect for Poppy-Lauren. I love to pick up objects and imagine their previous owners and I always just go for things I like and would want in my house.

My Loves: Vintage housewife images, Bunting, Wooden spoons, Rolling pins, Glass jars, Chintz china, 1930's music, crochet blankets, Cath Kidston, Mrs Beeton's cookery books, Teapots, Cupcakes, Ticking 50's clocks, Flowers in jam jars, Lace, Wingback arm chairs, Antique furntiure.

Here are a few images I found online that I really love. Thank you to the websites for sharing such pretty images!

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