Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mollie Makes!

Today I bought my first issue of 'Mollie Makes'. A fab magazine full of wonderful crafty ideas and vintage interiors.

After reading about Sarah Mahon I just had to blog about her!
Her beautiful little cottage is filled with some amazing vintage treasures. I want to live there!
With a mix of thrift, recycling and make do and mend she has created an epitome of true traditional style.
I especially love that she gets her inspiration from the memories of her grandmothers house, which is exactly what I do! There is nothing more comforting than to surround yourself with familar, 'grannies house' goodies. Think crochet blankets, scullery style kitchen and Fair Isle knitwear.

Picture from the retro knitting company.

You will need to buy the magazine to see some pictures of Sarah's house as I cannot find any online!

Sarah is also the owner of 'Girls Own Store', selling vintage and retro goods, and has a splendid blog
Amazing home, amazing shop, amazing blog! Definitely one for the vintage housewives out there, I know I'll regularly be stopping by now!
Lauren x

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