Thursday, 7 July 2011

I love the 50's!

I love love the 1950's! I find it a very comforting era, I think as I associate it with my nan's house. The ercol furniture with its sharp spikey exterior and the quirky retro prints.
I have been looking around for some gorgeous bits for our home and I came across the Sanderson website

Sanderson do an amazing selection of 50's inspired wallpaper and fabric prints. I think the 'FiFi' print is gorgeous and what a story behind it!.

An original 50’s Sanderson wallpaper, ‘Fifi’ was recently discovered in a customer’s loft where it had been hidden away for the last 50 years. The design depicts the typical hourglass silhouette described as ‘The New Look’, a trend pioneered in 1947 by one of the most iconic fashion designers, Christian Dior, who was very influential throughout the post-war period. (Taken from the sanderson website)

I desperately want an original ercol dining table and chairs!. They look fab with the sanderson prints.

Look at this fab kitchen courtesy of

Fabulously 50's!!

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