Monday, 12 September 2011

All I want for Christmas...

I am already thinking about Christmas (Yes I know its only September!) and with three young children the main thing I'm thinking about is their christmas presents.
We have done the 'Let's spend £200 in Toys R Us' which only ever left us with a dent in our wallet and unused toys!.

As a child I remember being so very grateful for our recieved gifts and treasuring each and every one and there seems to be very little gratitude for anything in todays society. I hope that my husband and I instill a thankful attitude in our children. A huge reason why I am so obsessed with the bygone eras. I can't imagine my grandparents or parents carrying on like some of the children (and adults!) in todays society. Sorry..rant over..back to the toys =)

The toys I see in the high street stores have no substance whatsoever with their expensive price tags and excessive packaging I loathe to buy anything this year, especially when Poppy, Henry and Ted would rather play with the boxes they came in!.

A few weeks ago I bought two wooden trucks from a bootsale for £1.00 and a hobby horse also for a £1.00. From all the expensive toys my children have, they have played with these bootsale finds more than anything they own. I also found a 1950's dollshouse in a charity shop for £8.00. It is called 'Chestnut Villa' and it is simlpy beautiful. Handmade and in a little need of some tlc but still ever so perfect.

So for this year we shall be buying recycled, second hand and vintage toys for them. And not only toys...Poppy will be getting a jam making kit, a gardening kit ready for spring and vintage books ( The orignial Enid Bylton books are AMAZING and have a beautiful childhood innocence about them). I think there is something very special about vintage toys and books and if you hunt around you can find some real little treasures.

Here a a few of my finds;

I would really love to find some retro fisher price are some of my favourites.

And of course Christmas is not just about presents. We shall be spending it with our loved ones, attending mass and having lots of laughter. Roll on the holiday season. I am also really excited about some crafty projects I am attempting for presents so in a few weeks I'll blog all about them. I'm going to attempt handmade soaps, scented candles and Jam and pickles!.

Lauren x


  1. I had that red record player when I was a child. I loved it, brings back so many nice memories. It played classic children nursery rhymes. Thank-you for posting that picture and reminding me of my simpler years.

  2. Ha Lauren, I saw that little dolls house and wanted to buy it but couldn't justify it as I have only boys. Let me see how you renovate and furnish it. I might buy one anyway just for my own pleasure