Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekend in the sunshine.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend? We have had the best one of the summer so far. With the Olympic closing ceremony, which may I add was amazing, family fun, yummy BBQ and meteor shower watching (I saw just one but that was enough for me!) it has been pretty good. 

 We made the most of spending time outside in the sunshine, making sure the children got plenty of vitamin d. I feel incredibly relaxed for all the lazing around, it feels good to store some of that lazy afternoon basking before the school term starts again in a few weeks. 

We also spotted our first Conker! Poppy will be keeping a close eye on that one. Can you see it in the picture?

And of course we, well my wonderful husband, spent some time at the house. He has been laying the floor in the lounge. It looks so good. I've got a cracker of a husband. He can pretty much put his hand to anything, I am seriously considering hiring him out ;) 

I just had to put some of the kitchen accessories out. The turquoise/orange colour scheme is like a dream come true for me.

Here's to a productive, happy week. 

Lauren x

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  1. Those fish look yummy! Think we are all making the most of the sunshine! I married a musician, very dreamy and romantic at the time, he's not very practical so it costs us a fortune to get anything done! Wouldn't swap him though! Ada :)