Sunday, 14 October 2012

Birthday weekend.

It has been a good weekend. 

My mum and I spent Saturday afternoon browsing a vintage fair and the Charity shops, we drank pumpkin lattes and ate cake. 

It was our birthday treat.

 We found this Ercol dresser, that comes with a plate stand shelving attachment and just had to buy! I have one in my lounge (slightly different shape pattern on the cupboards) but how could I resist. I still don't know whether to keep or to sell. 
To have two would be greedy! 

But its AMAZING right? 
I think I will have people fighting over this. Especially with the stunning plate stand. 

This weekends top find!

And my Ercol sideboard. 

We got a few jobs done around the house. Little finishing touches that make such a difference. Like putting out blankets, putting up pictures and curtains etc. 

We went pumpkin picking. We got our pumpkin from a local grower near to where we live.
 I think its so important to support local farmers and I love local produce. 

Look at those pumpkins!

Yep, its feeling very Autumnal in our house right now.

And with the first frost of the Autumn this morning it has been a weekend of serious cosiness. 

I'm off to light some candles, bath the kids and get ready for x factor and downton. 

Enjoy your Sunday friends.

Lauren x


  1. Hey sweet, I have nominated you for a Liebster award as one of my inspiring blogs that I follow.

    Lauren xx

  2. Hello! So glad to have found your blog, so nice to hear you are settling in your lovely new home on such a small budget. Look forward to following your posts. I also am a big fan of the family home you pictured (mor till mernee)?
    Sharon x