Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vintage Mother Post; Childrens birthday partys.

I was catching up with the weekend papers this morning ( Yes, I know its Wednesday) and read an article in the Sunday Express magazine. It was written by Rachel Carlyle and was all about traditional children's birthday parties and how many children, and parents, are shunning the all expenses, trumpet blowing, gold plated party for the more traditional party.
  I am totally in love with the idea of jelly and ice cream, pin the tail on the donkey and homemade cake. And my children love it too!. The proof is in the pudding.

see here my daughters 3rd birthday was a wonderland tea party in our village church hall.

 We had an old fashioned Punch and Judy show, homemade decorations. Traditional games and even a punch bowl of pimms for the parents.The dress code was wonderland best and the children looked adorable!. Poppy still talks about her party almost a year on which just goes to prove you really don't need to spend hundreds of pounds. Children love to run around, eat cake and play with their friends. It really doesn't need to be about impressing the mums at the school. Its about childhood spirit and celebrations.

It got me thinking about more ideas that could be run around the traditional theme. Here are a few I came up with.
 If you have any you would like to share send me a link.

 Sports day party;

 Egg and spoon and three legged races. Make or buy cheap rosettes. Cut up oranges perfect for little athletes. And of course you will need a parents race!. The children will love the freedom of running around and all you really need is a sunny day.

Street Party; This is what I am doing for Poppy's 4th birthday.

 Hang red, white and blue bunting around the garden. Lay a table with paper hats and horns. Make homemade trifle and afternoon tea. As our party will coincide with the Queens jubilee I am going to replace paper hats with handmade crowns. Rally the children round for apple bobbing and guess how many sweets are in the jar.

Teddy bears picnic;

 Another idea I have done before. We ate sandwiches on blankets, The children all brought their teddy bears and played traditional games like pass the parcel and musical statues. There was no expensive dj. I put together a play list of 'beary' songs. We all danced and played all afternoon. It was so simple but such a wonderful day.

I love nothing more than to capture the childhood innocence that so many children of today loose at such a young age. Make like our families of times gone by and cherish it. I hope I can carry on these traditional parties for as long as possible. Let your imagination run wild. Make your own decorations and take advantage of the great out doors. There are untold possibilities and ideas for such a party. Will you try the old way for your little one this year?.

 Lauren x


  1. we had egg and spoon races when i was young, and sack races, and those ones where you were tied to someone else by you leg haha they were fun!

  2. Love this post. Don't have kids yet but when I do this is how they will celebrate things! I used to work at Kids Kingdom and it is a good place to go as a treat, but the birthday parties ended up in the hundreds most times. And as it's open to the public too it's not that personal x