Friday, 10 February 2012

1980. Childrens televsion. TV gold.

Snow. Snow. Snow.

 I am so sick of it. The children and I have severe cabin fever. We have been stuck in for almost a week. The games, dens, DVDs and crafting have been sucked dry. We need fresh air!.

 Today we decided to have a 'vintage' day. Which consisted of me telling the children about all the programmes I watched as a child then making them sit and watch them on you tube.

They loved it.


 So today went a little something like this;

Ahhh the good old days!. When kids TV was only on from 3pm until 6pm. Good old fashioned banter and terrible effects. Fabulous. I would choose the old stuff over the new stuff any day.

 What was your favourite TV show when you were a child?.

 Lauren x


  1. Mine was undoubtedly The Raggy Dolls, along with a video I had of Raggedy-Anne and Andy the musical, The Herbs & a show called Hector's House :)

  2. OOOh I don't know any of the others you have mentioned. Will have to google so can show the kids. raggy dolls, raggy dolls, dolls like you and me! Brilliant :) xx

  3. I loved Portland Bill and Cockleshell Bay and anything with Tony Hart and Morph. Mr Ben freaked me out a little bit but James the Cat ROCKED.

  4. Too many to pick! Loved raggy dolls, pigeon street, count duckula, trapdoor, James the cat....eakkk! How sad, thinking of them all makes me sooo happy, wish I could go back and relive a couple of my childhood days :) xx