Saturday, 4 February 2012

Out of the dark.


 Today I came across the most AMAZING website. Actually not even amazing, quite literally a vintage loves dream. Selling the most beautiful revamped, restored and re loved furniture. Bold, bright colours. Tastefully done. I WANT TO BUY IT ALL!.

 Out of the dark.
 Not only is this company selling beautiful furniture, It is a charity!. Let me tell you more. Here is a little blurb I have taken from the website.

Out of the Dark is a social enterprise project run by the Street Dreams charity, that provides sustainable furniture and gives young people in Buckinghamshire practical skills.
The Out of the Dark project takes donated second-hand furniture and crafts, and revamps them with the help of young people before selling them at Bouf.
Co-founder of Street Dreams, Jade Blades, said: "This project is an ideal opportunity for disadvantaged young people to get motivation for further training and employment."
Street Dreams work with disengaged and disadvantaged young people to help them live positive lives and contribute to their family and community. They believe that giving them opportunities to gain practical skills as well as experience in business and project management is a great way to help them achieve this.
Please be assured that 100% of any profit revenues raised from such sales, go directly towards the provision of offering training, support and experience to enable unemployed young people to gain the qualifications, skills and confidence needed to play an active part in our community.

For more information please visit our website:

 What a wonderful, inspiring charity. Providing encouragement, practical skills and then all revenue goes back into helping the young people involved. Quite simply outstanding.

 Here are some of my favourite pieces. I think I might need to buy them all!.

Amazing right?.

Lauren x


  1. what a great site, and the furniture looks pretty fab, i love that desk! x

  2. Desk is great isn't it! I really would like one for my little girl. I love the colours they use, very vibrant. I think the furnitute has kept its charm even with all the colours. I want! X