Saturday, 14 July 2012

Front door love.

As the interior work is now coming to an end on our homemade home we have started talking about what do to with the outside of the house.

 There is currently a very tired garage and front door. Both are in desperate need of some colour. I absolutely love eye catching, bright, inviting colours. Especially for the exterior of the house. It gives off a real 'welcome to our family home' vibe.

But did you know red can attract happiness and blue helps inspire creativity?
Well, me either! Who knew??

Now I am now all in a tis. Which colour to choose? 

They say a red door attracts happiness and means welcome. In Scotland a door would be painted red if you had paid your mortgage off and in Ireland its says a red front door ward's off evil spirits. It is also very symbolic for the Catholic church, the colour of Christ's blood.

Blue is an inspirational colour. It revives the imagination, inspires your dreams and helps with creativity. It is also a cleansing colour. Perfect for someone who has a creative job.

A yellow front door is said to be uplifting and to have a positive charge on your life.

Green is the sign for growth and rejuvenation. It is also said to have grounding properties and promotes healing amongst the home.

Violet/purple is a sign of deep love and will help enhance the flow of love around your home. 

A white front door is perfect if you are preparing for a new start in your life. It is a cleansing colour and a sign of new things to come. 

A black front door is a sign of wealth. It attracts money, success and abundance into your life. 

I have no idea which is my favourite. I love the yellow but I don't think my husband will let me go that bight.

What colour is your front door? Does it reflect you and your home?

Lauren x


  1. Green, and every time I see it I get a warm fuzzy feeling cause I know I'm home...and I love my home!xx P xx

  2. That is lovely, I love green! xx