Monday, 16 July 2012

Thrifty finds.

 There were a few hours of sunshine this weekend and I was determined to make the most of it. Last summer I relished waking at 5 am to wander around the boot sale in the morning sunshine. This summer I have not done this once. Every weekend has been rained off.

Its been pretty depressing. If you are a thrifter you will totally understand what I mean.

I picked up a few bits this weekend. And only spent £10.00, so my addiction is fed for now.

Good old Pyrex. These will get great use and make a lovely addition to my collection.

Retro pillow cases. Another obsession of mine. 

These vases are for the wedding I am styling next week. See here

We LOVE the old ladybird books in this house. We must have over 50. Picked these up for £1.00!

Meakin set. Love the print. Oh so retro.

In other news we painted the kitchen at the weekend. We have gone for Bubbles which you can find here I am head over heels in love with it. I seriously adore the colour of our kitchen. When we told people we were painting the kitchen this colour we had a few, 'really?'s.

My advice, If you love something for your home and don't feel brave enough or have people advising you to do what they think would be better, just go for what you truly want. It is your home and should reflect you. Our home is going to be a bright, happy haven for a very happy family.

We are having a splash back tiled with the same tiles we have in our bathroom. Here are the tiles and I am desperate for a geometric black and white floor. Anyone know of any? I am really struggling to find one. If one doesn't turn up I am thinking black and white chequered vinyl?

What do you think? 

Lauren x


  1. I had the black and white check vinyl in my hall and I loved it. It stood up to a fair bit of wear being in a hallway. We only changed it because we had a burst pipe. I was going to have tiles but I thought they might be a bit permanent if I got fed up with it!

  2. Fantastic finds! Ladybird books take me right back! Ada :)