Monday, 9 July 2012

Rainy reads.

So here I am, in the great British monsoon! Trapped within these four walls with three children. How does one keep sane when the only sound  heard  is the chorus of 'Mr Tumble, MMRRRR TTUUMMBBLLEE!'

Well, this is how to keep sane.
 Turn off that television, open the windows and listen to the rain.
And read.
I am sure we have read almost every book in the book cupboard.

Here are our favourites.

Rainy reads for mummy

Of course 50 shades had to be in there! I don't care what anyone says I have loved the trilogy.
Its easy to read, addictive and not just 'mummy porn' there is quite a romance to it.

French children don't throw food. A french parenting guide written by an American. Its OK, I am only a few chapters in. Possibly one for new mothers, I have already experienced most that's written in this book so its a little late for the advice! But the idea of parenting. Living in Paris. In the sunshine. Eating French bread under the Eiffel tower, is entertaining me!

To kill a mocking bird. I must have read this 100 times over. A classic and beautifully written book. If you have never read then PLEASE do!

On Green dolphin street. As the Sunday times said,
'A novel about adultery, jazz and alcohol'
Perfect, no?

Rainy reads for kiddies

These are Poppy, Ted and Henry's favourites.
Owl Babies and The magic sky both have audio with them. We make up a den, snuggle in and listen to each imaginative, little person attention grabbing, story.
The tree that sat down is a fairytale . Pops and I get totally lost in a world of fairies, potions and talking animals.

So feed your brain and wash away the rain sodden cells, READ A BOOK. And pray for sunshine. Please.

Lauren x


  1. Hi Lauren, after many years of not reading much I started a book club with a freind at the beginning of the year and I have fallen in love again with books ( always had a love for interior and craft books!). I keep immersing myself in good stories, not bril with murder mysteries though! Too scary! Ada :)

    1. I am not keen on murderous reads either! I would love to join a book club. Do you all read the same book and get together to chat about it? xx

  2. I found you blog by way of another blog--and I love it. I love all the old stuff--the vintage Pyrex is great. Just got finished reading "To Kill a Mockingbird". It was a good read. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about reading it. I have just begun Big Sur by Jack Kerouac. Actually, I have two other books started also. Can't help myself. I have become a follower so that I can pop by often.

    x0x0x0 Faye

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and now I get to have a noisey over on your blog :) I have started reading Thomas hardy far from the madding crowd. Looking forward to reading it. How did you get on with your read? Xxx