Friday, 21 October 2011

Today I have been designing the master bedroom. I have been imagining it in my head for over 12 months. I know exactly what I want and I will search to the ends of the earth to find each and every thing.

I am hoping to achieve an ecelectic mix of vintage, floral prints and art deco furntiure.

Firstly...I NEED A BRASS BED!. And no, I do not mean a mass produced flimsy, squeaky modern one. It HAS to be vintage, antique..OLD.

I am in love, love, love with 1930's art deco furniture and really want it for our bedroom. It really does have a beautiful, dramatic feel to it.

I found these art deco bedside tables at a garage sale. We paid £30 for the pair. And they are pretty amazing. I'm going to stack books and a lamp each on them.

Here are a few other peices of furniture I would like for our bedroom.

I may or may not paint our the furniture in our bedroom. I will need to see how the dark wood looks against the room, either way it is going to look stunning.

I would love a chintzy floral wallpaper. Bright, bold and very kitsch.

This is just the start...I am now thinking of flooring, window attire, lighting and many more little touches. Of course I will keep you posted of my progress =) Apologies for a rushed post, I have three tired babies but was desperate to share and store all my ideas.

Lauren x

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