Monday, 17 October 2011

Mixmatched dining chairs

For anyone that follows me on twitter you will know I have been going hammer and tong at my dining chairs. Sanding, filling and painting.
These piccies are only of two chairs, sanded back and undercoated. I am still undecided on colours and I have a few to pick from. I want the best matched mixmatched set (If that makes any sense?!).

I NEVER EVER wanted matching chairs, a dining table and chairs that match completely just does not cut it for me. It seems very mundane, almost clinical, when everything looks identical. It has no soul. I want each piece of furniture to have a history, warmth, you could almost say a heart. (Can you tell I am extremely passionate about interior design??).

As with everything I have been buying for our new home (6 weeks and counting until the refurb starts) each chair has come from a bootsale, charity shop, One even came from the buliding site my husband works on!. They were using an amazing retro chair as a step to stand on!!!. SHOCKING...

I really wanted to share with you some of the pictures I have been using as an inspiration. Not just for my chairs, as in some of the pictures the chairs are the same, but for the whole dining area. I love the ecelectic vintage look mixed with bright colours. I am not really an all white shabby chic kinda girl.

I can't wait to finish my chairs and of course, when I do you will be the first too see them =)

Lauren x

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