Thursday, 27 October 2011

Witch 'crafty' Thursday!

This isn't a craft blog but I'm very much for family time and doing stimulating, fun things with my children. So I thought I would share what my daughter and I got up to today.

My little girl is so excited for Halloween. She woke up this morning and decided that she wanted to make some spooky decorations.
Now,I am not one of those mummies that can whip up a handmade costume or paper mache but I thought I could possibly..maybe..stick together some paper and card. With this in mind we decided to make some Halloween bunting.

I cut the triangles and Pops did all the gluing and glitter, she is far more crafty than me!. We made loads of mess and Pops loved it. It's amazing what an hour one on one time, doing something creative, can do for a three year olds mood.

We made a triangle stencil and orange paper. We traced the triangle stencil and cut 6 from the orange paper.

We then made spooky shapes on the triangles with glue.

And covered them in glitter to make them all sparkly!.

We made little holes with a pen and threaded string to make the triangles into bunting.

The finished bunting.

Poppy is so proud of her bunting and we had a wonderful afternoon. And, it was super easy for a novice (useless) crafter like myself.

Lauren x

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