Tuesday, 31 January 2012

An exhausted vintage mother.

I am an exhausted vintage mother.

 I looked in the mirror today and realised just how exhausted I really am. I have huge dark circles under my eyes and Ive got a bad case of adult acne. My eyebrows put Groucho Marx's to shame and my hair resembles something along the lines of Frankie Cocozza. Nice.

 Today I also put a Nappy in the washing machine. And then proceeded to put it on a cycle, dropped a whole carton of ribena. The stickiest most clean up resistant juice in the land and then fell over the children's table causing some form of whiplash injury.

 I am bloody wreck.

 Today has made me realise that I need to make more time for me. I am a woman that adores being a mother and staying at home with the children. And yes I do have my small business and blog. But what I really realised is that I need to do 'other' things. All work and no play is not good for the soul. I cannot just look after the children, be a wife and work. And to prove my point whilst I am typing this I have a fidgety 3 year old on my lap counting money. I literally feel like I do not stop. Life is just flashing before my eyes.

 My resolution for 2012 ( A little late I know) is to slow down, make time for myself and to do more fun stuff!, (The 3 year old now needs the toilet, I will finish this post!)

 So this got me thinking, about all the other mums out there that feel just like me. And are thinking how on earth can I pull this back. So I have put together a few ideas that I'm really going to try and do. And maybe you can too?.

 Once a month I really am going to try and visit a beauty salon. And have a treatment!. I am booked in for a facial on Thursday. CANNOT WAIT!.

Spend more time with my friends.
  I don't socialise. Ever. I really am going to try and see more of my friends, whether it be for lunch or cocktails. Just some time for adult conversation.

Read more.
 I love reading. It provides such escapism so I want to read more.

 My relaxation is going to be a box of Epsom salts, a hair mask and a bottle of cava. Once a week I'm going to lay in the bath, light a few candles and just soak away the stresses of the day.

 Green tea.
 I drink wwwwaaayyyyyy to much coffee. I am going to try and replace this caffeine hit with green tea.

 I never rest. I'm sure I sleep or around 4 hours a night. I really am going to try and get to bed earlier instead of doing my jobs late into the evening.

 I love the idea of going on a long walk and clearing away the cobwebs. I am lucky enough to live near some gorgeous countryside and beaches. So I am going to try and take walks when I can.

 I am joined to a rather expensive gym and I never go!. I am going to cancel the membership and try and go for a run, or the yoga session at my local church, Just a little something to expel all my energies. And the money I save from the gym membership I'm going to save. Then eventually treat myself to that vintage Biba dress that I have always said is too expensive.

 It sounds rather a lot doesn't it?. But something has got to change before I run myself in to the ground. I'm sure lots of mothers reading this feel the exact same. So lets make it our social network pact to try and do some of these things.

 We all need some me time.

Lauren x


  1. I do feel for you and remember the days well, in fact I have very similar days with the grandchildren ! But you know when peeps say its lovely to have the grandkids over as they go home, well thats certainly true they do eventually ! However being a mum never ends, its the parents of my grandkids that drive me nuts with their needs !!!!

    Enjoy being a mum, Enjoy being you xx

  2. I hear you and I feel your pain! Im exhausted, run down, never stop looking after kids/working/sitting on the computer and I know I need to start looking after myself better. Your list sounds bloody good to me. In fact I'm going to take tomorrow night off and have a lovely soak in the bath!

  3. Can I join your group!!!??? ;) I am the same, no time to just 'be'....We should definetly make time xx

  4. Ladies, we must all do the list ;) and make sure you have so you time xxx

  5. Another latecomer here! I am just the same- although I have just the one munchkin!