Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The £5 wallpaper in all its glory.

The wallpaper is finally up in Poppy's bedroom. My bargain find. Four rolls of 1960's vinyl wallpaper for £5.00. Happy days!

 Do you like?. I love!. And so does Pops.

 I have been trying to organise Poppy's room. I really want it finished first so she can see her new room and adjust to the idea of moving house. With her starting full time school in September I really want her to feel settled and ready. So first stop; get her bedroom completed!.

I am now working on a scandi/retro theme. I want to incorporate lots of bright colours with the white floorboards. Look at these pictures I am using for inspiration. So cute.

Jenny Komenda at the little green notebook

I actually had a very similar wallpaper to this on my bedroom walls when I was a little girl!.

Lauren x

(P.S I have almost 2 rolls of the wallpaper left if anyone is interested).


  1. Love the wallpaper, it's so cute! Preety amazing to actually get some that was sold in the 60's :)

    1. I did come across lots online but really didn't want to pay the prices. And this is divine!! X