Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fun at the farm.

I love half term. 

Pops is off from pre school for 3 weeks and I hope to pack in as many fun activities as I can. One of our favourite things to do is go to the farm. We are lucky enough to live fairly close to a rare breeds farm at Hadleigh castle country park. It re opened this weekend after being shut all winter. We spent the day there yesterday. Feeding the animals and enjoying the wonderful warm weather. There is nothing better than getting the children out in the fresh air. 

 Tomorrow we are off to the local museum. There is a dinosaur event. And its free!. Spring days with the children are my favourite.

 Lauren x


  1. Just love those pretty coloured hen houses. They look like beach huts!

  2. They are fab. I actually took a pic of them lined up to show my husband. I'm trying to persuade him to let us have chickens. X

  3. Aw how delightful! I don't think people realise how many fun, free/inexpensive things there are to do with kids today! Much better than staying in on xbox by any account! xx

  4. Totally. There is far too much tv watching and computer playing for my liking. Xx