Thursday, 29 March 2012

The madness of March 29th 2012.

Its official Great Britain has gone mad. Today I had to queue for petrol. It was like a showdown on the forecourt. Men shouting at women, women shouting at men. Filling up their cars to the max. Madness I tell you, MADNESS!.

 And people wonder why I am so obsessed with vintage eras. And would happily live my life then instead of now.

I tweeted earlier that we will have rationing soon. But to be honest that doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Did you see the families of worn torn Britain acting like crazy people when they were told they could only have certain things and a limit on everything?. Did you see them act in haste and with greed when they were told they could only buy measly amounts of food to feed their families. All whilst living through a war!.


 They pulled together. Made the best of everything. Helped one another. And got on with the job in hand.

 Its almost like we think we are owed something. Perhaps we are. Perhaps the government hasn't done whats best for this country over the last few years. But Charity begins at home!. We are the ones that can make a difference. Instead of waiting to be handed it on a plate.

 I think GB 2012 should take a note from the GB of WW2.

 Things could be a whole lot different.

Lauren x


  1. i had to get fuel yesterday and i almost felt guilty for queueing! with my job working in the community i need the fuel, luckily next week i'm local so i will be able to ride my bike but sometimes (like today) i have to visit people in rual areas and it makes my blood boil about the price of fuel (for which my allowence no where near covers it) and people filling their cars and extra containers. grrrrrrrr/

  2. Prime example of how selfish people are!! I hope you manage to visit everyone ok. Very frustrating. XX

  3. Oh Lauren you do make me laugh. I rather shamefully bought petrol on Friday night and I still had quarter of a tank which would have lasted me until today. I unfortunately have to do 100 miles a day nearly :-(. I almost wanted to not be able to get petrol and then see what happens when I cant get to work. Next week lets rant about hose pipe ban and ingenious ideas of how to conserve water including reusing bath water.... Luckily I don't have a garden though. Anyway hoorahh for petrol how would we live without it? On a separate note though - boo to the people who can't queue right and create flappy women who can't fill up their fancy gass guzlers, shame on them! he he