Thursday, 29 December 2011

Homemade home bargain hunt!

Today, my husband and I, went hunting for a cheap lounge floor and tiles for the bathroom and kitchen. We have a fairly large lounge area and I thought it would cost a fortune to cover in our preferred floor. I desperately wanted real wood  but it is so expensive so decided to go with a wood effect laminate. Looks pretty good and great for a family like us (drink spills, crashing toys and lots of traffic).

 So, I wanted floor like this;

And my husband wanted a floor like this;

In the end we bought this!;

To be honest I do quite like it. And it was so cheap, including underlay and beading it cost us just over £250 for the whole room, which is 28 square feet!.  We bought it all from Homebase. I can't complain and I gave in in the end as when we have a farmhouse in the country I will make the decision then, ha ha!.

We also bought the tiles today as they were also on offer, we managed to get enough tiles for the bathroom, kitchen and separate toilet for £77.00!!!.

biselado tiles Homebase

Let me know what you think of the floor,

 Lauren x

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