Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A very vintage christmas; The tiger, jam sandwich and a very naughty doll!.

Since the run up to christmas began all I have seen on the television is advert after advert for expensive toys. Literally I counted about 10 in one ad break the other day!. That's quite a demand for parent's!.

The most perfect gift idea, that never gets old or tired, goes out of fashion and wonderful for all ages....A BOOK. They aren't expensive and there is something for everyone.

I love reading to the children. And every night I read a story to them. Pops, being a little older, get's to pick her own book. These are her top three. (As chosen by the little lady herself!)

And I wasn't kidding when I say books never get old, the copy of 'The tiger who came to tea' and 'The giant jam sandwich' are the one's my nan used to read to me when I was a child. Looked after and adored by myself, my brother, sisters and cousin they are still in wonderful condition. I hope we keep them in the family forever!.

The copy of 'Amelia Jane again' I bought from a bootsale for 20p!. It's a 1946 edition and looks brand new. Pretty amazing.

So, instead of a mass produced toy why not buy a book instead?. There are lots of '3 for 2' offers in the big book stores. But, honestly, I would check the charity shops. I picked up 3 christmas story books the other day for 50p!. And the dangerous book for boys for 20p!.

So, read to your children this christmas. Boost their imagination and enjoy those precious moments when they are lost in a story. Magical.

Have a very vintage christmas,

Lauren x

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