Sunday, 11 December 2011

Homemade home; Week two.

We are in week two of our house renovation. And I'm not going to lie I AM STRESSED!.

The idea of a homemade home has meant, in order to save money, we have been collecting and restoring everything for our house. This has all been happening over the past 18months or so. We have literally collected everything and I had a perfect image of where it all would go and how it would look.

As we have started it seems my dreams have been quite literally been shattered. From realising we can't move the boiler or knock down walls, to the kitchen we saved from a skip that simply will NOT fit into our higgley piggley kitchen. My wet room idea has been scrapped and there is no way we can have a roll top bath. Even the sofas are a bit too big for the long narrow living area.

I feel disheartened to say the least. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but don't think myself, or my husband, knew how stressful it would actually be.

Even with all the planning I feel like we are 5 million miles away from our dream home.

On a happy note the bedrooms are all what I imagined and I am OVER THE MOON that we can have white wood flooring all the way through upstairs. And even better, after a quote for plastering over that horrible artex, we can loose the hideous swirly pattern and have perfectly smooth ceilings.

So, two weeks in, we have an empty shell. A recycled kitchen sitting in the living room that we are trying to fit , which is like trying to put a puzzle together that has all the wrong pieces. The widest corner sofa that takes up half the living/dining area and a bathroom that has been taken over by a water tank.

In times like this the only answer is cake and wine. So if you need me I will be the lady surrounded by desserts and empty bottles!.

Lauren x

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  1. I hope you have finished your renovation by now. I know how you feel, we're on our 3rd renovation and I really don't want to do any more. We are doing our loft now and I've had enough, after this I never want to see cement, dust, pieces of wood, tools, etc.... ever again, even a paint brush for a couple of years. I am female, I'm not supposed to carry bags of cement, tiles and railway sleepers. I'm stronger than some men I know and I'm only 8 and a half stone! Anyway my advice is don't think about it at all, just ignore the mess and only think of what it will look like when it's finished. Good luck, Violetta x