Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas wish list.

I'm so excited that its very nearly Christmas!. We are getting there with preparations for the big day and have nearly bought all our gifts. Now, I am the very first to preach that Christmas is not just about gifts. but just for fun I thought I would share with you all some things that are on my wish list. I know I won't be getting any, as my husband and I are making sure every penny is spent on the children and the house but a girl can dream right???.

I would love a Pashely bike...A Britannia to be exact!. As a lover of all things British this suits me to a tea. It comes in red, white or blue (Obviously!) and I can just see myself riding round the village with my bread from the bakers in the basket. See http://www.pashely.co.uk/ for more of their stunning bikes.

 I would like a ton of books but one in particular by John Harrison called 'Low cost living-live better spend less'.
  I follow this gentleman on twitter and love his veggie growing tweets.I am desperate to attempt to grow our own veg and herbs and as a complete novice I think it would come in handy. See his website for lots more fabulous ideas and books http://www.allotment.org.uk/book/

 So, I'm hoping to be doing lots of nature walks and  having lots of muddy adventures with the children next year so I definitely need a pair of wellies. Hunter wellies to be exact. Kirsite Allsopp wears them, so must I!. They have some amazing styles but I quite like the blue ones. Have a look at http://www.hunter-boot.com/

 But all in all, gifts and wish list aside all I really want for christmas is for our children to be blessed and happy, and family, friends, EVERYONE to have a wonderful christmas. I'm looking forward to seeing Poppy's face christmas morning, this is the first year she truly understands. It's going to be magical!. I am so lucky to have a family around me and roof over my head so keep those without in your prayers and lets hope 2012 is a good year for all.

Enjoy the festive season everyone, god bless.

 Lauren x

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