Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A very vintage christmas;

As part of our very vintage christmas Poppy and I have been making paper chains and jam jar lanterns.

I got this most fabulous idea from a book I have been reading called 'Village Christmases' by Mollie Harris. In the book Mollie recalls her childhood christmases in the 1920's. It is a lovely, sentimental, festive read. And has some great ideas for a vintage christmas from stir up sunday to handmade presents. All from a by gone era.

Pops loves making things and I really try to do as much as I can with her. Even though I'm a terrible crafter!.

Mollie talks about her homemade christmas decorations and the joy she got from making them,

'The day before we made paper-chains with paper cut from any coloured food packets-mostly tea. After we'd cut the strips of paper we stuck them together with homemade flour paste (of just flour and water), then pinned them up all over the living room.'

How sweet is this idea!?. Now, nanny has quite a contempary home and christmas tree, so instead of using bright food packets we used an old book for the paper chain. But, if it had been my house I would have used bright, clashing packets!.
We also got some old glass jars and put tea lights in them. Just like Mollie did. Inexpensive vintage ideas..LOVE THEM!.

Not bad for free and Pops had lots of fun!.

Have a very vintage christmas.

Lauren x

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