Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pictures from the past.

I love old photographs.
Especially ones that are of my family.

Let me introduce to you the Kilmartin/Seery family (my mums side). These are just a few of the treasured photos I have ready for a photo wall at the house.

 So many generations, smiles and stories. And they are my family. Love.

Great Nana Ethel.

Grandpa Jim.

Nana Ethel and Auntie Teresa.

Great Nana Ethel.

My mum and her twin brother christopher. xxx (Natural labour might I add! Even though my mum was breech!).

Great Grandpa John Kilmartin

My mum as a newly qualified nurse

 Auntie Betty and Uncle Fred.

Great Nana Margaret.

So nostalgic.

 Lauren xxx

P.S Please do not copy these photographs without my permission. I don't bite so please ask if you would like to use one. Thanks so much.

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