Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Water, water everywhere. But not a drop to drink.

So for the past 3/4 weeks Essex has been experiencing a serious bout of rain.

 Mr weather man, I know we have the hosepipe ban, but really?!. This much rain?!.

For about half an hour yesterday evening we had this;

And then back to rain this morning. Theres only so much muddy puddle jumping you can do!.

In other news we have started painting the floors!. Here's a few pictures of our bedroom and Poppy's bedroom. Primed and the first coat of paint. I love them all ready.

Cannot wait to see the floors finished now.

 Lauren x


  1. tell me about it, this has to be the soggiest drought in history!!

  2. I know! I wonder if we will be able to use hosepipes again?? X