Sunday, 13 May 2012

More thrifty finds.

What a wonderful weekend!. I hope everyone enjoyed the Sunshine and made the most of being able to spend some time outdoors. We are meant to have rain tomorrow!.

Yesterday we went to Robin Hood country show at the Brentwood centre. Was such a fun day!. The children were super excited to go and see all the different animals. 

 Poppy held a 2 day old baby duck and got her face painted and the twins were kept amused by the woof woofs, that's dogs to you and I. There was so much to do and I would definitely recommend as a fab family day out. Unfortunately I have NO photos :( my beloved lifeline, the mobile phone, has broken and is in the menders. How will I cope?!. Three weeks with no phone.

Anyway, despite the phone dilemma I did manage to get some pictures of some of the thrifty finds I bought this weekend. I was pretty successful!. 

1960's sewing box. FOR SALE.

1950's sewing box. FOR SALE.

1950's kitchen wall unit.

1970's Fisher Price toy garage.

Pyrex mixing bowl with lip and scales. FOR SALE.

Pyrex jelly mould and 2 small jelly moulds. FOR SALE

Vintage colander, rolling pin and what I think is a hanging egg basket. Although the man I bought from said it is a 1930's salad drainer. FOR SALE.

!950's glass Christmas baubles. FOR SALE.

1960's Ravenhead boxed dessert bowls. FOR SALE.

If you are interested in any of these items please send me an email at

Lauren x


  1. we had baubles like that on our tree when i was little! and those glass dishes...we had a whole set of them and a large bowl to match! awww the memories...x