Thursday, 3 May 2012

Showing off with shelves.

Work has FINALLY begun on the kitchen!. 

I can see that tiny pin prick light at the end of the tunnel. And I think my husband, FIL and dad are happy too!. It has been a huge project to take on. Especially with me bossing them about ;) !!!!

 I get very excited about the kitchen. I  feel that as a family of five it is an important room.

 Here is the kitchen now. 
 I am a little obsessed with open shelving in kitchens. I want to show off all the fabulous retro wares I've been collecting over the past two years. The kitchen isn't huge and we won't have that many cupboards but as we will be having a larder I am not at all worried about cupboard space. Even the thought of a little dust collecting on open shelves doesn't worry me. 

Here's a little inspiration.

I love that blind in the last picture. I have some similar fabric. I think I am going to try and re create one for our kitchen!.

Off to prepare for a fair I am doing this evening. Have a lovely Thursday.

Lauren x

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