Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A very vintage christmas.

December is fast approaching and I cannot wait to put the tree up, and the children of course!.

I am so in love with christmas, not because of the presents, or the long holiday from work but for the time I get with my family. My husband has a whole week off work and we spend every day being a family and having quality time together.

It is so very apparant that many people of today have lost their true christmas spirit and are wrapped up in spending money, they don't have.
Why has christmas turned into a stressful, expensive time when the most important thing is being with loved ones?.

During the second world war every holiday had been put on hold, apart from christmas. It was celebrated by the rich and poor, everyone got together and made the best of what they had.

From now until Christmas I am going to be blogging every week with tips and ideas, taken from the 40's, on how to have a wonderful christmas without the expense we suffer from mordern life.

The admiration I hold for the 1940's families is so huge, they coped, lived and loved through the hardest time. There is so much we could do as a nation to cope better in this recession, so lets put our best foot forward and start by making small changes inspired by wartime Britain.

I will be covering made do and mend gifts, chritsmas games, music, ideas for christmas dining, decoration and lots more!.

If anyone has anything they would like to contribute to my up and coming post's I would love to hear from you!. Please get in touch at lauren_sutherland@hotmail.co.uk

Lauren x

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