Thursday, 17 November 2011

Soldiers, cars and cowboys

I have been thinking about Henry and Ted's bedroom for MONTHS!!. I just cannot stick to an idea as there are so many cutesy boy's bedroom ideas.
Ideally I want the room to last a few years. So they are 19 months now and it would be wonderful if we didn't need to do much to it until the are 9/10 years old. Wishful thinking!.

I LOVE wallpaper, bright colours and a vintage look. I really like the look of an old american room. I can imagine an old farmhouse with a little boys room filled with old cars, painted furniture and drawings stuck to the wall.

Here is some inspiration I have been collecting over the past few months, Now to decide on which one to go with!. If I'm totally honest my fav is the Cath Kidston vintage car print for the walls with lots of vintage toys, different coloured furniture and two little iron beds. (Have I already picked???).
Comments very much appreciated.

And if anyone has a boy's bedroom they would like to share on the blog I would love to hear from you. ONE WEEK ON SATURDAY UNTIL THE BIG REFURB!.

Lauren x

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  1. Definitely the one with buses, taxis etc on it.

    I would rather die than reveal the appalling nature of my sons' bedrooms. Nothing human should have to dwell therein.