Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Larder of love

So...I've found this cupboard/room in our little kitchen. Its built right underneath the stairs. My husband wanted to board it up!.
I soon put a stop too that.

I knew straight away what it should be....a larder.

Without a doubt every family needs a larder. I know we have a fridge and stores of cupboard space but let me explain why I'm so excited about my newest plans for our 'vintage' home.

A larder was a cool storage area, used to store and cool food, before fridges were made. In the 1940's every home had a larder. Due to rationing the larder was a very important part of every day life for the family.

As a family of five, living in a recession. Where food prices have soared over the past 12 months and our purse strings getting tighter I think we could all take note from the families of WW2.

They pulled together as a nation, grew their own vegetables, went without so others could eat and made the best from what they had.

I intend to put this practice into our family life. Starting with the larder!.

Of course I'm going to keep the milk, meat etc in the fridge. (God knows what the school would say if I sent the kids in with food posioning, just so we could abide by old fashioned values).
BUT why shouldn't we, as a nation, store longlife food, jams, home grown veg. I know for a fact so many of you pop to your local supermarket EVERYDAY and buy in dribs and drabs. Over spending on junk filled food. Adding to the land fill sites with all the excessive packaging and probably not even eating what you just bought!.

I propose to shelf out the room, slate tile it (husband will do this) and store food in kilner jars, re usable boxes, tins and any other form of environmentally friendly storage I can find.

Not only will I be saving money and helping the enviroment. I hope to teach our children the importance of food. We are so lucky to have all that we do.

As always all pictures have been sourced online, I take credit for none.

Happy storing! Lauren x

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