Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Vintage vacations.

As a vintage interior obsessive I find myself, once the babies are in bed, trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas.

Tonight, I came across this AMAZING website called 'vintage vacations'. It is a holiday business run by a couple called Helen and Frazer Cunningham. To put it bluntly they offer VINTAGE VACATIONS in VINTAGE LOCATIONS. They have a bunglow, an old church, cottage , the shack and caravans. All set in stunning locations each and every one is styled with a retro theme. I love every single one but the one that has got to be my favourite is 'The Sailmakers' a quaint terraced cottage in Cowes.

Each room is filled with so many treasures. Just from looking at the pictures I feel like I could move right in!.

This website is defo worth a look. And now I want to go on a vintage vacation.

Lauren x

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