Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Santa's grotto or bust!

I heard on the radio today that Hamleys toy store, London are charging £45.00 per child for their grotto 'Experience'.

WOW!. As a mummy of 3 and on a budget I was horrified at the price. If I were to take my 3 to the grotto it would total £135!.

Don't get me wrong Hamleys is magical at christmas, like something from a film. But never in a million years would I expect to pay that sort of money for my child to see santa. This got me thinking about visiting santa when I was child. The memories will last with me forever and I'm pretty sure in the 80's my mum didn't pay £45.

In Southend on Sea, Essex we had the most AMAZING department store called 'Keddies'. I can still remember it so well!. It was a proper old fashioned british store. With floors packed with wonderful things. They always had the most perfect santa's grotto. Every year my mum would take me and my brother. It was magical!.

I can remember going past the doultan china and to the grotto. I'm sure I remember a train?. But, I will never forget the excitment of it all. A proper traditional grotto. Where have all the traditional grotto's gone?. Are kids still allowed to sit on santa's knee?. Is the present still a book and a sugar mouse?.

Or is this what christmas is all about in 2011..??...overpriced grotto's?.

For me, NO.

I am a firm believer in tradition and simplicity and most of all that christmas doesn't need to cost a fortune.

I will more than likely take my children to a grotto this year. For sure it won't be Hamleys. Their excuse 'Cost's have risen'. Then why not have a traditional grotto?. With candy kanes, elves and a retired gentleman as santa. Does it really need to be an hour long experience with bells on.

Ask the kids...I bet it doesn't.

Lauren x

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