Thursday, 19 January 2012

Call the midwife.

I'm sure all you vintage loves have been watching the BBC's Sunday night drama 'Call the midwife'. I loved it!. But for a whole different reason to everyone else.

 Oh.My.Goodness. I am a crazy in love kitchenallia girl!. They had enamel, crockery, cake tins. You name it they had it. And I want it all!. I would say they were using more 1940's kitchenware rather than the 1950's. I guess this is because the drama is set in the years just after the war.


I have collected a HUGE amount of enamel ware for our house. It is all boxed up at the moment and I bet I've forgotten half the things I've bought. I just want to open all the boxes and look through all my treasures!.

 Can't wait for Sundays episode. I wonder what goodies we will get see this week?.

 Lauren x


  1. I really really really want a Household Wants chart! So amazing! x

  2. i watched the first episode on ipayer as we were out! I cant wait for tonights episode! I like enamel as well, it's usually quite expensive at fairs etc..!