Thursday, 5 January 2012

A parenting post...

 I am a lover of old fashioned family values. I pride myself on bringing up my children with good manners and morals based on these old fashioned views.

 There is something very special about the way we were, and how we were brought up. Children were children. They played boardgames, read books, baked,  had adventures in the garden. Its frightening how dependant the children of today are on televisions, computers and the Internet!.

 Which brings me to this;

 My husband came home the night before Christmas eve with a flat screen TV, built in DVD player in fuchsia pink. It was for our daughter. Shes three!.

 I must have been caught up in the Christmas spirit because against my better knowledge I agreed for him to let Poppy have it in her bedroom. How harmful could it be?, I thought.

 Well, ITS BEEN HELL!. She has been staying up late, is unsettled, not sleeping well. We haven't read a proper book since she's had it. I've even found myself letting her watch it until she falls asleep!. ( I am so ashamed by this).
 So its gone, Ive boxed it up and I'm even toying with returning it to the shop. Poppy is three years old. There is no way she should be allowed a television in her bedroom.
 Shes devastated.

 Don't get me wrong, I let my children watch TV all the time, probably too much sometimes, but I think there need to be boundaries. It seems we found out the hard way, we now have a very upset, grumpy girl but I'm sure once we are tucked up in bed tonight with a good book she will forget all about it. We have just started Coraline, which she has seen on DVD, and she loves it!.

 What are your views on this matter?. Am I being too hard?. Or am I right?. I'd love to know what you all think.

 Lauren x

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  1. No I don't think you are being too hard at all. I absolutely agree that a 3 year old shouldn't have a TV in their room. In fact I'd go as far as to say children don't need TV's in their room even when they are much older.

    Don't get my wrong, I'm no TV/technology phobic. My kids - age 5 and 3 - watch plenty of TV (probably too much sometimes) and play plenty of gadgets. My OH is a techy and we literally have every gadget you can think of!
    However, there have been studies to show that children need lots of good quality sleep and not to be over-stimulated in their bedrooms. Children with TV's and games etc in their rooms are more likely to stay up later, kids need sleep to function well and concentrate at school etc. Grades and behaviour improve in children who have their bedrooms changed from TV and gaming places of excitement to havens of calm and sleep.

    So, really don't worry about your decision! Poppy will soon forget and be back to seeing her bedroom as a place for toys, books and sleeping :)