Sunday, 29 January 2012

In an English country garden.

Hello there strangers!.

 Well, its been 5 days since my last post and I'm very happy to tell you that Poppy is almost better and we have had a wonderful weekend!. She won't be back at school just yet and to be honest I have loved having her at home so much I don't ever want her to go back!.

 It has been freezing here in Essex and we are meant to have some snow this week. The cold weather has meant I haven't been able to do as much gardening as I would have hoped. But it has meant I have been dreaming about our little garden and I went out this weekend and bought seeds so that we can plant flowers.
 The veggies are underway, with the tomatoes and strawberries planted in trays indoors and I have been preparing the soil for the warmer months. (I hope this cold weather doesn't ruin my hard work!).

 Now, back to the flowers.
 I have always wanted a real cottage garden, jam packed with colourful flowers.  Something that when you look at it you just get lost in the beauty of all the pretty shades and smells. I want flowers that attract butterflies and bees and flowers that grow high up the old Victorian wall that surrounds the garden. Where the children can play in the Wendy house amidst the sunflowers and we can drink pimms next to the poppies (OF COURSE!). Ahhhhh it sounds heavenly.

Some inspiration
How pretty are these pictures I found online. There are some serious gardeners out there.

These are such happy pictures. I love them.

 I have got quite a lot of work to do...with the house, business, book, children, husband and everyday life you probably all think I'm mad starting a project like this. But I LOVE a project. I'm renown for it. Especially as something like this will make our home so special. I can imagine breakfast on the patio, looking at all the stunning flowers.

 This is what I'm starting with;

This is just one side of the garden. To the right (as you look at the photo) we have another wall and strip of soil. and the patio goes right up to the house.

So as you can see I lots to do before I have my English cottage garden. I'm not expecting Chelsea flower show!. But hopefully I will be able to grow some pretty flowers.

 Lauren x


  1. beautiful pictures. I found your when looking for one to illustrate a poem I just posted. I will be back to check out your blog, I just bookmarked it

    1. They are lovely aren't they. I must admit my garden doesn't look like any of the pictures just yet! Thank you so much for stopping by :) x

    2. They are lovely aren't they. I must admit my garden doesn't look like any of the pictures just yet! Thank you so much for stopping by :) x

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