Friday, 13 January 2012

Homemade home update


 Work is underway on the bathroom!. It currently looks like this;

Empty, smelly and pretty darn horrible!. We are just going to put in an ordinary steel bath that we got super cheap (£80) sink and heated towel rail. I wanted to half tile the walls and then wallpaper but with a husband for a plumber who has a million and one reasons why wallpaper is not suitable for a bathroom I have had to re-think. But I am so looking forward to it being a clean, family friendly room soon.

 I have also been thinking about all this lovely wood floor we have.

As you all know I am in love with white wood floor but whilst I was researching I came across these pictures. I especially like the blue floorboards and stairs!. 

Sourced online

Country Living

Door sixteen

This old house

I would LOVE to paint the bathroom floor chequered like this but I know this is not pratical. But its sooooooo pretty!. I definitely might do the stairs though, what do you think?!.

 Lauren x


  1. wow you have your work cut out. I have that problem with bathroom flooring. Hubbie tells me carpet is not suitable and i cant find any flooring i we've lived in our house about 19 yrs and still just have hard board and mats on the bathroom floor.....!!

  2. Hey Poppy, the only issue with wooden stairs is that they do not mix with tights/stockings. You either get snags or the worst thing is sliding down!! Style v Practicality......