Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rubber and beds!

As time passes by and I start to get a feel for the house I can see my head turning ever so more to the retro side. The house was built in the 1970's and I can see by the things I'm buying and looking at that it will definitely have a 70's feel to the interior.

 I've been looking at flooring for the kitchen and I have been so adamant that I want black and white chequered lino or tiles. I have always wanted it.

Sourced from apartment therapy.

 That was until I found this...COLOURED RUBBER FLOORING!. OH.MY...I love it!. I think it looks very retro, quirky and a little different to the norm.

Sourced from House to Home.

And when the reviews of it say;

 'Hardwearing, easily cleaned and pretty much childproof', who am I to argue. I really like the pink and I'm collecting the Hornsea Fleur collection for the kitchen and I think it goes lovely together.

 What do you think?. My husband says it reminds him of the flooring in a public toilet!. Ha ha! (I still like it).

On another note our bed is being delivered tomorrow!. Yay!. Our first ever king sized bed. Blissful. As you may all remember I desperately wanted an antique brass bed see here
 Not realising how much one was actually going to cost. And as we are keeping costs down my husband said the budget just couldn't allow for an antique bed. Instead I have settled for a new one, just like this;

Benson beds

This is the actual bed we have bought. We paid £199.99 from Benson beds (not very vintage I know!).  I guess that's not too bad. And its nearly as nice as an old one....nearly.

 Lauren x


  1. Hello Lauren!
    Just read your article in H&A, very inspiring! I look forward to reading your posts!
    Maxine x

  2. Ahhh thank you! :D I hope you enjoy reading them. Thanks for visiting for blog x

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