Friday, 9 March 2012

Flat doll and Tilda.

Let me introduce to you flat doll. I don't know her real name. I don't actually remember us ever giving her one but my children call her flat doll. As she is flat and her stuffing is falling out.

Flat doll as named by Poppy

My dear nan made her, and a gentleman friend, way back when.

My wonderful nan and I. The most amazing seamstress, machinist and cake baker I know.

I think she was made sometime in  the 70's as that's when my sisters were born. She has been in our family and passed down through the grandchildren and now has been passed onto the great grandchildren. She is a little tired, has a tiny tear (which I must fix) and there is a constant battle as to whom gets to cuddle her.

Then I came across these wonderful Jane Foster make your own Tilda dolls. Take a look Here

Isn't she a cutie?!. And very similar to flat doll. You can buy a kit that comes with the screen printed fabric and instructions. All ready to make this gorgeous 18 inch doll. All you need is to add the stuffing. They also come in another range with pretty coloured skirts. Here

What a wonderful idea!.

Now I can make my very own doll. Just like my nan did for us. And flat doll can keep her dignity, no more stuffing falling out as she will be kept safe with me. (yes I just want her for myself!)

And not only have I fallen head over heels in love with little miss Tilda I have fallen in love with EVERYTHING from Jane's website!.

 If you love retro/skandi prints and beautiful handmade treasures I urge you to go take a peek

Website and Jane's blog

A truly talented lady. I am going to be ordering Jane Foster prints and cushions. And toys. And bags. Oh bloody hell just all of it!.

 All pictures are copyright and owned by Jane Foster. Please do not take without permission.

I'm off to order Tilda. And one for our niece for her 8th birthday. Shhh!. Don't tell her.

 Lauren x


  1. Just checked out her website and love everything on it! Definitely bookmarked for a sneaky purchase at some point :)

  2. OMG, I had one of these! I called her Lizzy, she was only half stuffed. I had her in the 70s and she was made from a kit brought at the then Bethnal Doll's Museum....seeing her again made me have a funny moment! Thank you for sharing....Alli

  3. Ahhh that is amazing!! Do you still have her. My cousin has the man and I got flat doll. I guess the man must be from the same place?? How wonderful that you have one too :) Xxx