Monday, 19 March 2012

Homemade home update.

Hey everyone!. Hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend. I was very lucky to get tickets to take the children to see the gruffalo stage show on Sunday. It was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed it and have been singing g g g gruffalo since.

 My husband missed out on all the fun and was at the house.  But look how well he, and his dad, have done.

The hallway and stairs are really starting to some together.

The first coat of blue was applied.

And already I am so pleased with how it looks. I can totally imagine how it will look once the floor has been painted and the fabulous light has been hung.

The lights were fitted in the bathroom this weekend. They have really brightened it up. Its amazing what a few spot lights can do for the ambiance of a room.

Now just to find some flooring!. Having a nightmare as I want blue and white checkered floor. Can it be found?. Erm... a... big... fat... NO!. It looks like we may have to go for the black and white. Still very lovely though.

So as you can see, slowly but surely our house is starting to become a home.

Lauren x


  1. I like black and white- it's classic and then if you ever change the colour on the wall it goes with anything.

    The lighting looks lovely. Wish we could rip out our bathroom and start again- it has the weirdest light fixture in there and drives me bonkers. Whatever bulb I put in it's still so dark!

  2. Ha ha!! All the lights in our house were exactly like that. Always seems to make the room feel gloomy. So we made sure we had enough money to get all the lighting and electrics changed. Best thing we did! can recommend our electrican. x