Monday, 5 March 2012

Pretty lights.

I had a really fun hour today picking out a few bits and pieces for the house. As  I will soon be allowed to start adding all my touches!.

 I have been looking at lights, and boy there were a few to choose from! And paint for the stairs/landing area.

 Here are some of the lights I love. I think they will look fab with our decor.

Skandi light by tesco £30.00

I think either the blue or white will be perfect for our lounge. We need two as we have a long narrow lounge/dining area. One for each end.

Maskros paper light by Ikea £51.99

How lovely is this?! Its pretty big but as we have a large landing and stairway I think it will make a real statement against the blue walls and white wood floor.

And this is the wall colour I hope will show this stunning light off. 

Homebase marine blue in silk.

What do you think?. Can you imagine it?.

Lauren x

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  1. I love that ikea light - I see it every time and "OOOoooh" at it, haha! All sounds great! Oh and I love your blog background btw! CUTE! xx