Thursday, 1 March 2012

a peek around a local vintage home.

welcome to my first ever vintage home post.

 i hope to bring you little peeks into the lives and homes of vintage loves everywhere. capturing the little corners and treasures they have hidden away. a little inspiration. and a little nosiness.

may i introduce to you dawn aka the vintage scientist and vintage curator/seller. you can follow dawn on twitter here and follow her blog here

here is a little blurb written by the vintage scientist herself;

I've always loved antiques and old things which probably come from my family. My dad hoards, my mum has always been into shabby chic (not sure if it was always called that) and my grandad was an antiques dealer. It was when I started planning my wedding in 2007 that I really got into it lifestyle wise. 

Got the inspiration for mismatched china and vintage bottles and started collecting at boot fairs, charity shops and antique shops. At the time you could pick pretty stuff up for pence. We had a traditional church wedding in  my parent's village in Norfolk and hired the village hall & marquee for the reception to keep costs as low as possible. 

At this time we were living in a 1 bed flat in Southchurch so after the wedding everything was boxed up and stored in Norfolk. After saving up for years and thanks to some inheritance we started looking for a "project" house. Found perfect 1920's semi-detached in Leigh that needed some work doing, meaning we could put our own stamp on it. 

Some furniture was inherited from grandparents, some was bought from antiques shops and some from Sue Ryder in Westcliff and other charity shops. 
Most nik-naks are inherited. 
We have loads of clocks which were inherited or came from Salvo fair last year. 
The Bakelite radio came from a shop in Norwich which restores them.

My favourite era is generally the whole period from Victorian to mid 1950s, with more preference to the 1930s/1940s.   

Erm, can't think of anything else you need to know... Well, I'll be selling the china, bottles, vintage/antique science stuff and vintage/antiques stuff in general from the 1st of March at what the butler saw vintage emporium, Leigh road, Leigh on sea, Essex under the name Den of Vintiquity boutique.
have a look at her 1930's inspired homewares and corners of her pretty home. full of glasswares, old photos, stunning chesterfields and an old bake light radio.

drawing on the best of the 30's and adding her own touch dawn has a quite stunning home. if you don't believe me take a look for yourself.


lauren x

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