Thursday, 15 March 2012

Homemade home; The kitchen.

 So here we are almost 4 months into the refurb and we are finally starting work on the kitchen, It really does feel like this whole process is taking forever. But with only my husband, his dad and my dad doing the work (apart from a plasterer and electrician) I really should be grateful its going this quickly!

 So here we are my friends. the kitchen. The hub of the family home. Where meals are cooked and dishes are washed. Oh who am I kidding?!. I just want it to look amazing!!!!.

Before we can even start the whole room needs re plastering and rewiring.

 But whilst that is being done am I already deciding on all the finishing touches. I have been kind of trying to work around the kitchen units.

 Although something I probably wouldn't have picked myself, we got these ridiculously cheap  from a rather posh family in Kensington who, after 6 months, decided they no longer wanted. We saved the whole kitchen, granite worktops and all very posh appliances from the skip!.

 Now I know your probably going to be screaming at the computer screen when I tell you this. But I'm not having the granite worktops. They just don't suit our house. Instead I'm going for the super cheap but ever so lovely Ikea ones. I am torn between two.

Pragel Ikea worktop

Lagan Ikea worktop

I have already picked and ordered a plain bright white vinyl floor. Similar to this.


I (whenever I say I, I of course mean we. My husband and I.)

We are having the same tiles that we have used for the bathroom here and I am going for a bright blue on the walls. With lots of retro accessories. Lots of orange. Hornsea and Pyrex. Something a little like this. 


I'm so excited.

 Lauren x


  1. I hope so :) fingers crossed. I had a read through your blog and I love it. I look forward to reading it from now on Xx

  2. Where did you get your kitchen floor?