Friday, 2 March 2012


finally the weekend is here. and i am so happy!. it has been a hard week. we have spent some evenings at the house, had awfully late nights and pops has decided she no longer wants to go to school. (its much more fun at home! of course.) so i feel very tested today. its hard seeing her cry. thank goodness we have a whole two days for family fun, harry potter and mint areo.

i am looking forward to spending time with my husband and the children.

 and apart from the obvious harry potter marathon we will of course be at the house for some of the weekend. we will be attending mass and taking a trip to the bootsale sunday.

 i am on the hunt for a retro chair.

at a bargain.

and in my dreams it will be ercol.

 something like this; 

eadie arm chair by donna wilson from scp

 ercol from

am i living in dream land? well you never know my friends. will keep you posted with sundays finds.

lauren x


  1. you cant beat a nice hair. I have one that used to belong to my grandma. seen better days but i cover it with a throw :)

  2. I bet its beautiful. I have lots of my nan and grandads bits. I love things even more when they have memories. Would u like to share a pic. I would love to see! X