Thursday, 8 March 2012

My names Lauren and I am a vintage addict.

I have got this addiction. Its actually taking over my life. I cant go a day without it.

I am addicted to vintage. I am addicted to thrifting. I am addicted to old.

 And do you know what?. I am the happiest I have ever been.

 I am happy when I'm wearing vintage clothes. I am happy listening to old records. I am happy drinking from a vintage cup. I am happy wrapped in a vintage blanket.

 And even better my children are too.

  I love it that Poppy asks for £1 when we are thrifting and goes off on her own little adventure. Hunting for a new fangled toy or dressing up clothes. I (possibly!) could afford to give her the money to spend  in a toy shop but she is learning the value of money and the importance of spending wisely.

Poppy and her latest find!!.

 I love the fact that even at 3 years old she knows who the Beatles are. ( We have a way to go with the twins yet!).

I love that she sits with me whilst we read old books. And watch old films.

 All with the comforts of 2012.

 Life is good.

 Lauren x


  1. Aw, I wish more kids could be like yours and love and appreciate the simple things in life! This post made me smile a lot :)

  2. Ahhh what a lovely thing to say. I do really try. My mum brought my brother and I up the same. Xx

  3. Hehe Lauren I love the way you are bringing up your children, what's their favourite Beatles song? xx